Parution : Nouveau numéro spécial de “Sexualities” sur Migrations queer, asile, et déplacements


This special issue of Sexualities emerges in response to the growing visibility of LGBTQI immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers within global gay rights advocacy. Despite the increasing prominence of LGBTQI issues on the international human rights agenda, there has been relatively little discussion of the relationship between queer migration and LGBTQI human rights activism in the field of sexuality studies. This special issue seeks to bring queer migration and sexual citizenship studies into critical conversation with current literature in the area of gender, sexuality and human rights.

Table of contents:

Introduction: Queer migration, asylum, and displacement

Rachel A Lewis and Nancy A Naples

1. Border crossings and shifting sexualities among Mexican gay immigrant
men: Beyond monolithic conceptions

Héctor Carrillo and Jorge Fontdevila

2. Gender and cultural silences in the political asylum process 

Amy Shuman and Carol Bohmer

3. ‘‘Gay? Prove it’’: The politics of queer anti-deportation activism

Rachel A Lewis

4. Documenting the undocumented: Toward a queer politics of no borders 

Melissa Autumn White

5. The queer time of death: Temporality, geopolitics, and refugee rights 

Sima Shakhsari

6. Getting Out: Political asylum, sexual minorities, and privileged visibility

Amy Shuman and Wendy S Hesford

7. Afterword: Troubling identities and identifications 

Eithne Luibhéid